ADR Courier Service – for the transportation of hazardous waste

Our ADR Courier Service across Nottingham, Mansfield and Derby is one of our most popular services. The transportation of hazardous waste, liquid, solid or gas is becoming an increasingly important part of our business as companies across Nottinghamshire look to utilise a reliable partner for transporting waste.

Since the formation of Paul Bradford Distribution some 12 years ago, enquiries regarding the collection, removal, and safe delivery to secure compounds of hazardous wastes have been steadily increasing. As would be expected, with the number of new materials and liquids being added to the list of dangerous goods, legislation regarding handling and transporting continues to grow and change.

Although the main body of legislation is international, to ensure the safe movement of hazardous substances across borders, the UK also has its own stringent requirements when it comes to moving anything of a dangerous or hazardous nature. These regulations are robustly policed, and fines for non-compliance, heavy.

In the UK, drivers have to undergo extensive courses to ensure they can fully handle all aspects of moving hazardous materials, including accident procedures. Vehicles used for carrying hazardous waste, including clinical waste, have to fully comply with all regulations laid down in Annex B of the ADR regulations.

To be able to work in this important sector of modern industry Paul Bradford Distribution has highly experienced drivers, fully trained and certificated to handle dangerous materials and liquids in classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. All vehicles are fully compliant and plated to transport goods in all these classes safely and efficiently. In all instances of dangerous goods movement, we carry out extensive route checks to ensure these goods reach their destination safely and quickly. Classes 1 and 7, explosive and radioactive goods; are unfortunately the only two we can’t handle at the moment.

With our extensive ADR courier network, in the event of a dangerous waste emergency, we can get one of our hazardous goods couriers to your establishment within the hour, and more often than not, a lot sooner. And that means 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you take advantage of our same day or next day courier service, the disposal of your hazardous waste can be undertaken on an ad hoc or regular collection basis. As a Midlands based company we are conveniently placed close to the major road networks for our ADR couriers to be with you in as short a time as possible.

The list and regulations of what constitutes hazardous or dangerous waste, including medical waste, continues to grow. If you are not sure whether new materials you are using in a manufacturing process are designated hazardous, please contact us on 07917 442 593. Our dangerous waste manager can check current legislation, and explain the requirements for safe disposal whether the waste is liquid, gas, or solid.

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