A Medical Courier You Can Depend On

From large private medical insurance companies, to local NHS authorities; from large city hospitals, to small cottage hospitals; from large high street pharmacies, to the small chemist on an estate; from large health centres, to a small doctor’s surgery – to a single patient’s home address. Here at Paul Bradford Distribution we take great satisfaction in delivering those much needed medical supplies to them all. We work hard to ensure that we’re a medical courier that you can rely on at all times.

We wouldn’t say the health of the nation is in our hands, but we take pride in being able to offer a fast, efficient, rapid response medical courier service to Britain’s health industry. On many occasions our medical couriers have transported urgently required drugs from one location to another. Helping divert what could have become a medical emergency, into a minor supply hiccup.

The collection of medical notes, ex-rays, and other important medical documentation as well as the collection of blood, urine, and tissue samples for laboratory analysis are often carried out using our rapid response medical courier service, where fast reliable delivery is of the utmost importance.

With our fleet of eco-friendly Mercedes vans we provide a healthcare courier service which includes rapid response and same day or next day pick-up and delivery. Multi-drop deliveries from pharmaceutical manufacturers to high street and local chemists are an increasing part of our business, where pharmaceutical companies are looking for a cost effective alternative to running and maintaining their own fleet vehicles.

It’s not just the sharp end of Britain’s healthcare industry that trusts us with their medical courier service needs either. We also supply medical couriers for the delivery and replenishment of medical supplies from manufacturers or medical equipment stores. Such things as surgical instruments, bedpans, thermometers and the like can be collected by our normal medical couriers. For larger or heavy medical equipment such as ex-ray equipment or scanners we can supply vehicles with tail-lifts for ease of loading, or large goods vehicles with curtain sides or box bodies for heavy machinery requiring fork lift loading.

Alongside all this involvement within the medical industry, it would be remiss of us not to include the collection and disposal of all types of medical waste. Classified as hazardous waste, the collection, removal, and safe disposal of all medical waste is undertaken by the ADR (hazardous materials transportation) arm of our healthcare courier service.

The collection, storage, and disposal of all hazardous waste materials, including medical waste, has to be undertaken by specialist, properly certificated, highly trained drivers. Our specialist vehicles also have to undergo rigorous inspection by the transport authority, before being issued with the required hazardous material plates. Failure to comply with these requirements results in heavy fines for both operator and driver.

If you have need of any or all of these services, please contact our medical courier manager on 07917 442 593, and discuss how we can help provide you a cost effective solution to all your medical transportation needs.

Other Specialist Services We Offer: