An AOG Courier Service You Can Rely On

Our AOG Courier Service – Aircraft On the Ground – was a large part of business in our early days, which has grown exponentially with the increasing growth of cheap air transport. We’re able to offer lightning fast AOG deliveries to East Midlands Airport (also known as Nottingham Airport) and Birmingham Airport.

There are few areas of any industry where the financial repercussions of delays or downtime are as great as when an aircraft is unexpectedly delayed on the ground (AOG). Whether those delays are caused by safety, or other issues, getting their aircraft back in the air as quickly and safely as possible, is the airline operator’s prime concern.

As a Midlands based company, from our very early days, we began providing a fast courier service dedicated to serving the needs of the many companies in the area associated with the aerospace industry. Now, 12 years later, with our network of national AOG couriers, we provide the same regular, fast and reliable service to airports and associated businesses the length of the UK.

We’re delighted to now be able to carry out AOG deliveries to all major airports throughout the country.

Of all the fast response requests we receive on a weekly basis, by far the greater number are from airlines or subsidiaries requesting a fast aircraft on ground courier service. With the stringent regulations governing aircraft operations this often means a request from an incoming flight crew to have an unexpected critical part changed during normal turnaround checks. Late delivery means delays, loss of take-off slots, frustrated passengers, and financial cost to the airline. It’s little wonder that we have an AOG courier service dedicated to the industry.

We have vehicles available capable of carrying aircraft spares from the smallest mother board to aircraft hydraulic arms and other large heavy items. Fully insured for good in transit, our rapid response AOG courier service ensures a vehicle will be with you within 45 minutes of your call, and delivering requested parts to your ground crews in the shortest time possible.

In these days of increasing airport security all our AOG couriers are fully vetted, DBS checked, and carry all relevant documentation to ensure they can deliver your goods to airport maintenance areas.

As well as an AOG courier service dedicated to rapid response, we also supply same day, next day, and regular AOG courier services to airports around the Midlands area and further afield through our links within the courier network.

If your business is serving the needs of the UK aviation industry, if you have reservations about your current transport arrangements, or you are just seeking a fast, efficient, and reliable AOG courier service at an extremely cost effective price, speak to one of our AOG specialists today by calling 07917 442 593. Find out what we can do, to ensure your goods are delivered airport-side as quickly as possible.

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