Our furniture courier service is an ideal option for the whole of the furniture industry, whether you’re a retailer that’s looking to add a reliable courier to their supplier list, or you’re a furniture manufacturer that needs a service for delivering large quantities of bulky items.

Furniture delivery – not the sort of thing you expect to see offered by a dedicated courier service is it? The reason is, over recent years we’ve received so many enquiries from manufacturers of high quality bespoke furniture, much of it handmade, that we’ve built up quite a substantial customer base for this specialist service and our furniture courier business is now integral to our company.

In almost all instances, the reason for the enquiry was that the manufacturer concerned was fed up using general hauliers or bulk furniture delivery companies. Products which had taken craftsmen weeks to make by hand were being damaged and broken in transit. High quality items were often loaded with mixed loads of general goods, and frequently suffered irreparable damage. The cost in repairs, with the item often having to be remade, was both very expensive and time consuming, to say nothing of the annoyance and frustration felt by both manufacturer and client.

Having discussed at length the transportation needs of these early customers, many of whom are still with us today, we began to put in place what we consider to be the safest and most reliable way of transporting quality pieces of furniture to destinations countrywide, while ensuring the service remained cost effective for the client.

Now, we provide a furniture courier service for high end furniture manufacturers who provide unique, high quality furniture for up-market hotels, bespoke interior designers, and discerning private clients.

Our furniture couriers always work as a two-man team. We operate Luton box vans with tail-lifts for ease of loading and each vehicle is fully equipped with furniture skates and pallet trucks. Whether the furniture is pre-wrapped or not, our furniture couriers will wrap each individual piece using high quality furniture blankets to ensure maximum protection.

On arrival at the destination, items are unloaded and placed as per client instructions. With unloading completed, our crew will unwrap each item for client inspection, and then collect and remove all packaging.

As you would expect, much of this work involves delivering to big hotels in large city centres such as London and Manchester with all the problems associated with vehicle access and parking during certain daytime hours. With our 24 hours a day service we are often asked to arrange delivery during evening or night time, when parking restrictions for large vehicles are lifted, or to ensure minimum disruption to hotel guests.

The majority of our furniture manufacturing clients find our next-day or pre-booked service perfectly adequate for their needs. None-the-less, the option is always there to use our rapid response or same day furniture courier service if items need to be somewhere in a hurry.

If you are unhappy about the quality of your current service, are fed up with disgruntled clients who have to return bespoke furniture which has been damaged in transit, or if you just didn’t know we provide this furniture courier service, give us a call on 07917 442 593. Our transport manager can answer all your questions and we can prepare a clear transparent quote to let you know exactly what it will cost to get your quality goods from A to B safely, on-time, and undamaged.